A Virginia Congressional Candidate Who Wants to Legalize Incest and Sleep with his Daughter!



Author: Gregg L. Greer
Published: 4:25 PM CST August 8, 2018

LEESBURG, Virginia. – A candidate who wants to legalize incest is currently running for Congress in Virginia. WUSA9 first reported the story on Nathan Larson, no joke that for Larson this request is serious and he is not relenting from what many feel is a sicko request. 

Larson told WUSA9’s Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Peggy Fox that he not only wants to get rid of laws that ban incest, but wants to have sex with his own daughter. He lost custody of her and never lived with her. She now lives in another state.

Community Outrage

Thousands of people online have been asking, ‘How can a guy who wants to make incest legal get on the ballot?’ Today as a Virginia Congressional candidate -seeking 1000 signatures to run a an independent in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District race is all that’s needed? Also, please note that to the surprise of many watchers Larson did secure those votes. Those petitions are public documents filed with the Virginia Board of Elections.  Many signatures came from Leesburg residents. 


Larson told WUSA9’s Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Peggy Fox that he wants to get rid of laws that ban incest. 

One observer noted: “It’s definitely a shock and, you know, had I done my research before signing there’s no way I would’ve signed in the first place,” she said. “There are so many things you just click, or sign something and you just run with it. And, I think people need to take a little bit more time putting some value to what they’re signing.”

Past Issues

The other big question about Larson is how he got on the ballot as a felon. After he was convicted of threatening to kill President Obama, Larson was sentenced to 18 months behind bars. 

As many would agree Society is not what it used to be. From a religious standpoint, it could be argued that what is being observed today with the reversal of all morals and decency in the West.

Sex Maniacs In Government 

But even if you’re not religious, there is no justifying the extent to which the current “anything go’s,” political climate in Washington D.C. under President Donald J Trump has further eroded whatever little remaining positive moral foundations leftover of Western culture and ideals.

U.S. NEWS-President Trump kissing daughter Ivanka on the cheek

It’s one thing to say your daughter is beautiful, but it’s a whole different story when you talk about actually being in a romantic relationship with her. When Trump appeared on talk show The View, he told the hosts, “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” 

The current Political issues that surround U.S. Politicians are prostitution, sexual perversion, racial hate, deception, fraud, and much more, and that’s just from the Executive Branch-We haven’t even started with Congress and the other areas of government-Now add incest to the agenda! Seriously I wish this was made up, but I can’t make this stuff up! SMHcropped-black-and-silver-american-flag-18-desktop-background

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