American Politics – Trump Protest now take on historically new levels!

From the first moment  President Donald J Trump was elected, and afterward since the Trump Inauguration- the flurry of protests around the world, have not stopped but everyday seem to be getting more and more creative as well as outspoken.  For your entertainment and review-I’ve put together a small collective of just a few Trump Protest for around the country.


Trump Real Fake


The City of Chicago installed a 5-foot tall, golden sculpture that spells out “Real Fake” directly in front of Trump International Hotel and Tower along the Chicago River.

A city spokesperson said the message and placement of the art is not a political statement. It was just, the spokeswoman said, coincidence.




A design firm floated four golden, helium-filled, pig-shaped balloons in front of the Trump Tower and International Hotel’s 20-foot sign in September has been shot down by city officials, at least temporarily. New World Design Ltd stated, “it was a originally one-day protest and art display.”


Pussy Grabber Protest  (National)

The Women’s March in January around the county happen months ago, day-long marches in the nation’s capitol and around the world to protest against the inauguration of  President Donald Trump. So, a chorus of hundreds of thousands of women made their voices heard.




100 Nude Women Pose Against Donald Trump (Cleveland, OH)

The 2016 Republican Convention; when over 100 Nude Women Posed Against Donald Trump In Cleveland. The women holding large, round mirrors, outside the convention center, in a project titled, “Everything She Says Means Everything.” Noted Photographer Spencer Tunick, who has a history of creating large-scale art installations like this one, organized this women-only, silent protest to send a message about “the hateful repressive rhetoric of many in the Republican Party towards women and minorities,” Spencer’s website states.



Anti-Catholic group of ‘queer’ men march against Trump… dressed as nuns


In June of 2017, An “Equality March” was held in the capital, focusing on “resisting” the pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage Trump administration.

Among those marching against conservative values were the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a San Francisco-based group of self-described “queers” that the government has granted non-profit tax deductible status.




Thousand Clown Protest (Manhattan)

“As long as I am Commander in Chief, I will not allow clowns to infiltrate our borders,” Trump said, In response to Building a Mexican Wall

Protesting Clowns shut down an neighborhood outside of midtown Manhattan Those who weren’t holding signs shot Silly String toward the glassy black 58-story Trump Tower that has become a Romanov-like symbol of the Trump Presidency and his hateful anti-clown movement.

Thousands of clowns shouted: “Clowns Hate You!” and “Not This Clown’s President!”




“Captain Mexico” Protester ( San Francisco)

A protester dressed as “Captain Mexico” stands in front of police officers outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Burlingame, California.

 Just outside of San Francisco,  anti-Trump protesters took to the streets in southern California, blocking traffic and damaging five police cars in Costa Mesa following a speech while in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Demonstrators at both locations waved Mexican flags, an action meant to counter Trump’s stance on immigration and disparaging remarks about Mexico.



(Photo by Nicole Tyau/Cronkite News)





 Protest to get Donald Trump’s attention (Outer Space)

ASAN, a Company that promotes DIY space exploration,”  balloon floated 90,000 feet into the sky, toting a giant printed “tweet” for Trump and a video camera. Although it didn’t reach the layer of atmosphere that is technically considered outer space, the balloon did get high enough for the camera to record the tweet floating above the curvature of the planet.


Its message was: “LOOK AT THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH.” 




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